Jail, caning for duo who sexually assaulted and raped intoxicated teen

This article is more than 12 months old

They were part of group of four charged with various sexual offences against girl

Two men were sentenced to jail and caning yesterday for sexually assaulting and raping an intoxicated 18-year-old girl after watching another friend violate her.

Nur Irsyad Danial Mohamad Isa, 20, was given 81/2 years' jail and nine strokes of the cane for rape and abetment of sexual assault by penetration, while Muhammad Danial Sharuddin Muhammad Noor, 18, was given 51/2 years' jail and three strokes of the cane for sexual assault by penetration.

Prosecutors had asked for 10 years' jail and 16 strokes of the cane for Irsyad and seven years' jail and six strokes of the cane for Sharuddin. The defence sought reformative training.

Justice Chan Seng Onn said he took into account the pair's young age when they committed the offences: Irsyad was 18 years old and Sharuddin was 16.

They were among a group of four charged with various sexual offences against the girl, who had agreed to have sex with one of them.

Muhammad Nurul Huzaifah Raimy, 24, who had consensual sex with her but then instigated another youth to take a turn with the oblivious girl, was given seven years' jail and six strokes of the cane in February for abetment of sexual assault.

The fourth accused, 20, a childhood friend of the victim, will be dealt with separately.

On the night of July 19, 2018, the victim, a part-time waitress, smoked methamphetamine before going clubbing at Clarke Quay.

By the time the club closed at 3am, she was exhausted and drowsy. Huzaifah asked her if she wanted to return to his place and she agreed. The other three accused were with him.

Huzaifah offered the friend, who had allowed the use of his one-room flat for sex, a chance to have his turn with the girl.

At the flat, Irsyad and Sharuddin observed Huzaifah having sex with the girl. Huzaifah then called out to the friend to indicate it was his turn.

Sharuddin and Irsyad admitted that they watched the friend carry out a sexual act on the girl.

The friend then left the flat, and they carried out sexual acts on her without her consent.

Irsyad encouraged Sharuddin to make the girl perform oral sex on him, while he raped her.

The girl woke up and realised two strangers were sexually assaulting her but could not stop them. She began crying, prompting Irsyad and Sharuddin to flee the flat.

She then told Huzaifah she was going to call the police. On hearing this, he also left.

When her friend returned later, she told him what the others had done to her, unaware of his role. All four were eventually arrested.