Jailed for attacking cabby and fined for abusing security guard

This article is more than 12 months old

After a night of drinking, a woman became so drunk that she hit and bit two people in separate scuffles, all of which were caught in videos that went viral.

Taiwanese broker Dina Huang Chih-Yung, 31, was jailed for three weeks yesterday, after she admitted to hitting taxi driver Cheng Teck Wei, 43, on his arm on Dec 7, 2016. She was also fined $1,000 for abusing security officer Jeiv Anay Alimithu, 39, that night.

The court heard that Huang fell asleep soon after boarding Mr Cheng's taxi as she had consumed at least 700ml of sake that night. When they reached a condominium in Enggor Street, she alighted without paying.

Mr Cheng got out of his taxi and grabbed her handbag. His shouts for help were heard by two security guards.

Huang hit Mr Cheng's arm and tried to kick him, as she tried to pull her handbag. When he did not let go, she tried to hit him again. She screamed at him in Mandarin and asked him to let go, and he did so. She walked away hurling vulgarities at him. When a security supervisor advised her to cool down, she began hitting Mr Cheng in his arm and shouting vulgarities again.

During the scuffle, Mr Cheng's glasses fell and were chipped.

Huang went into a nearby restaurant, where she told an assistant manager that her bag had been taken away from her. The worker accompanied her.

Huang approached Mr Cheng and both engaged in a scuffle. Ms Jeiv Anay tried to calm her down, but Huang bit her left hand and hit her head. Huang also hit her hand and verbally abused her.

The police observed that Huang was reeking of alcohol. She staggered off after the police handed her a "case card". - ELENA CHONG