Liberal arts undergrads can apply to pursue medicine

This article is more than 12 months old

Liberal arts undergraduates from Yale-NUS College will find it easier to pursue a career in medicine with the launch of a tie-up between the college and Duke-NUS Medical School.

The two schools have jointly launched a new pathway for liberal arts students who plan to go into medicine, in a bid to "shape future clinicians who appreciate the inter-connectedness of the sciences, social sciences and humanities in medical practice".

The pathway will start in August and prospective students can apply via the Yale-NUS undergraduate application, said the schools in a statement yesterday.

Successful applicants will get an admission offer to the Yale-NUS four-year undergraduate programme and a conditional admission to the Duke-NUS Doctor of Medicine (MD) graduate programme.

At the end of their third year at Yale-NUS, students will submit a formal application to Duke-NUS for the graduate programme to "secure their conditional admission".

Under the pathway, students will graduate with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) or Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree from Yale-NUS, and an MD degree from Duke-NUS.