Lighter NDP funpack not light on goodies

Less is more for this year's National Day Parade (NDP) funpack, one of the lightest in parade history.

Despite weighing a compact 1.5kg - instead of inching towards 2kg, as in previous years - it packs a punch, carrying all the goodies parade-goers will need for an unforgettable experience.

There are the interactive items, such as a mini-Singapore flag, which will do double duty as a flashing LED light, and a paper banner that serves as a handy fan as well as a clapper.

Each bag also features a commemorative NS50 keychain to mark 50 years of national service, a luggage tag, visor, poncho, water, tissues and snacks.

There is also a detachable pouch that can be swopped with another spectator's for a different colour.


And of course, there are the perennial crowd favourites such as discount coupons and temporary tattoos.

Organisers said the bags were lightened to make it easier for smartphone-toting parade-goers to snap photos during the parade, without having to juggle too many items at once.

Said deputy chairman of the NDP logistics and finance committee Ang Kian Hoe, 37: "In previous years, we realised there were a lot of interactive items.

"Now, for example, spectators can carry an LED flag in one hand and a camera phone in the other. This will make for a more convenient and immersive NDP experience."

The water-resistant funpacks, which come in red and white, are made from polyester satin. Their final designs were whittled down from a total of 60 submitted by Lasalle College of the Arts students.

A total of 150,000 bags, to be collected at distribution points, were packed for six shows between mid-June and August.

Lasalle graduate Riche Tay, 22, who spent about a month creating the winning bag design said: "We wanted to make the bags trendy... and more compact and user-friendly."

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