Maintenance to be part of building design with new framework

This article is more than 12 months old

A building manager takes over a building, only to find that his maintenance equipment cannot fit through the narrow corridor of the new structure.

It is a scenario building managers here say happens all too often because maintenance typically comes as an afterthought.

But that is about to change with a new framework to be launched by the end of the year to overhaul the languishing sector - likely as part of the government's Real Estate Industry Transformation Map.

For a start, the new Design for Maintainability framework, developed by the Building and Construction Authority, will ensure that buildings are safe and easy to maintain by involving facility managers earlier in the process.

The use of technology will also help streamline the handover process.

Currently, most developers hand over tomes of blueprints that are hard to visualise upon project completion, leaving the managers unaware of how to manage their buildings properly.

DP Architect technical director Mathieu Meur said: "There is often a disconnect between the teams in charge of the construction phase and the people in charge of facilities management.

"The former are under enormous pressure to meet tight construction budgets, forcing them to take shortcuts or make inappropriate decisions at the design and construction phase, leaving the facilities management personnel to pick up the pieces later."

Industry players, who are familiar with the plans, said the moves are long overdue for the industry.- NG JUN SEN