Man, 50, arrested after 5-hour stand-off

A man with a history of drug offences kept police and Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) officers at bay for five hours after locking himself, his girlfriend and his elderly father in his flat.

The man, 50, told officers he had armed himself with a knife and threatened to harm them if they entered the unit, police said on their Facebook page.

The drama began at about 1pm at a third-storey flat at Block 114, Ho Ching Road, where police and the CNB were conducting a joint operation against the man for drug offences.

At 5.45pm, the man's girlfriend was seen running out of the unit in tears. The New Paper understands she is a Vietnamese national.

Minutes later, officers from the police's Special Operations Command knocked down the metal gate and charged into the flat. Shouting and what sounded like gun shots were heard before the man, who was wearing only shorts, was led out about five minutes later, with two officers restraining him.

TNP understands the "shots" were non-lethal pellets fired from a stun device to frighten the suspect.

It is not known if the suspect, who appeared to have a bruise on his thigh, put up a struggle before he was arrested.

Police said on Facebook that the father and girlfriend were unharmed.

TNP understands the incident was not classified as a hostage situation because the two were not in danger.

Police said: "Substances believed to be controlled drugs and other drug paraphernalia were found in the unit. The man was arrested for criminal intimidation and suspected drug-related offences."

At 7.35pm, officers took a bag with an axe and a cleaver from the flat. Police and CNB investigations are ongoing.