Man caught on camera attacking hotel manager jailed

This article is more than 12 months old

A man who went on a drunken rampage at a hotel in April and rained blows on a hotel manager was sentenced to jail and fined yesterday.

New Zealand national Davis Brian Uerata, 44, who is in the construction industry and works in Thailand, was given four weeks' jail and fined $1,600 after admitting to six of 15 charges. He could not pay the fine and will serve another eight days' jail in default.

While staying in the Peninsula Excelsior Hotel at Coleman Street, Uerata became agitated and started hurling profanities at front-desk supervisor Melvin Mahendiran just before 4am on April 28 when he was asked for his name and room number.

When duty manager Herry Wan Zhee Kuang, 50, tried to talk to an intoxicated Uerata, he was scolded. Uerata then became more aggressive when Mr Wan told a security officer to call the police.

The hotel's security camera showed Uerata jump over the counter. He grabbed Mr Wan by the neck and pushed him to the floor.

When Mr Mahendiran and security officers tried to pull him back, Uerata overpowered them and punched Mr Wan several times in the face, causing bleeding.

As Mr Mahendiran tried to stop Uerata from attacking the victim further, Uerata pushed him on the chest.

Uerata also punched a glass display stand, valued at $350, causing it to break.

Footage also showed Uerata pushing and punching Mr Wan at the lobby lounge. The victim suffered a contusion and was given five days' medical leave.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Huang Jiahui said when the police arrived, Uerata assumed a boxing stance and verbally abused the officers.

He refused to answer questions and asked the police to arrest him. He behaved belligerently and officers tasered him before arresting him for disorderly behaviour.

His blood sample was found to contain 92mg ethanol per 100ml of blood, 12mg more than the legal limit for drink driving. His sentence was backdated to Oct 12.

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