Man jailed 8 years for abusing 12-year-old boy in toilet

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A man who performed oral sex on a 12-year-old boy at a park toilet was sentenced to the minimum jail term of eight years by the High Court yesterday.

Chua Hock Leong, 63, who is married with two grown-up children, denied performing oral sex on the boy in a handicapped toilet in Tampines Eco Green. He said the boy called out to him and made sexual overtures by asking if he wanted to "play".

Justice Choo Han Teck rejected Chua's version of events, saying it had too many gaps. On the other hand, the boy's testimony was supported by forensic evidence.

For instance, Chua's version did not explain why his DNA was found on the inside of the boy's boxer shorts, said the judge.

During the trial, the court heard that on the morning of Jan 27 last year, the boy was waiting for his friend to be dismissed from school when he said "Hi" to Chua, who he had never met before.

He said Chua gave him $2 in return for going with him to the park. The boy said he went to use the toilet cubicle, and Chua barged in and performed oral sex on him.

After about a minute, the boy pushed him away and ran out. His mother later made a police report.

But Chua said it was the boy who propositioned him while they were in the toilet, but he declined the advances as there were surveillance cameras.

Chua's lawyer Vijay Kumar said in mitigation that this was Chua's first brush with the law.- THE STRAITS TIMES

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