Man jailed for attacking nightclub patron with bar stool

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A nightclub employee punched a customer in the face, then swung a wooden bar stool across his face and used an acrylic beer tower to hit him in the shoulder, a court heard.

Jeremy Chang Wei Yong, 24, was drunk when he caused hurt to Mr Teo Wei Leong, 28, at Club Paragon at Concorde Hotel in Orchard Road. This happened at about 4am on May 14, 2015.

Chang, now a delivery driver, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four weeks' jail on Thursday (Sept 7).

Investigations showed that Mr Teo had been drinking with his friends at Club Paragon when Chang came towards him and punched him once on his face for no apparent reason, causing the victim to fall backwards.

As the victim was on the ground, Chang grabbed a wooden bar stool and swung it across the victim's face, and the chair landed on his shoulder and the left side of his head.

Chang then picked up a second chair and tried to smash it over the victim but was stopped by a witness.

After the assault, Mr Teo felt giddy. He had injuries to his left ear, head and heel. He was also observed to be bleeding from his left ear.

He was found to have tenderness over the left side of the head, left shoulder, the back and both heels. He had abrasions on the left temple, forearm and middle back, and a bruise over his left wrist.

Chang had convictions for rash act, disorderly behaviour and traffic-related offences.

Seeking a sentence of four weeks' jail, Deputy Public Prosecutor Gabriel Choong Hefeng said the attack was entirely unprovoked. Chang, he said, had used a wooden bar stool to target the victim's head, and had not learnt his lesson.

Chang's pro bono lawyer Yvonne Mak said her client assaulted the victim in the heat of the moment out of jealousy when he saw the victim with a girl whom Chang was interested in.

She said Chang had apologised to the victim at the police station, and voluntarily compensated him with $500.

Ms Mak told the court that Chang also suffered from adjustment disorder and had taken steps to get his life back on track, and dissociated himself from the nightlife industry, by changing jobs. She asked for a "high fine''.

Chang was allowed to start his sentence on Sept 21. He is considering an appeal.

The maximum penalty for causing hurt is two years' jail and a $5,000 fine.

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