Man jailed for attacking property developer for no obvious reason

This article is more than 12 months old

A man punched a property developer for no obvious reason, causing a fracture around his left eye socket, a district court heard.

Lokess Sittrasu (picture), 23, also - with his friends N Karthigeya, 24, and Jayaganesh Umoocomar, 39 - kicked and punched Mr Mohideen Noh Firdaus, 36, outside Moonshine at Orchard Road on May 7, 2016.

The three had been drinking at the pub. Karthigeya, then an operations manager, has been dealt with. Safety coordinator Jayaganesh's case is pending.

Lokess, who faced separate charges for offences including drink driving, was yesterday sentenced to 17 months and one week in jail, fined $1,000 and banned from driving for two years after he admitted to five charges.

The court heard Mr Mohideen and his girlfriend were leaving the pub at 8.35am on May 7, 2016, when Lokess, who seemed drunk, uttered vulgarities at them. They argued before Mr Mohideen extended his hand to Lokess and the two men embraced each other.

Lokess then returned to the pub.

Later, Mr Mohideen and his girlfriend were standing at the door when a hostess fell and was helped up. Lokess, who was with Jayaganesh, asked Mr Mohideen what happened. After Mr Mohideen explained, Lokess threw a punch at him.

Mr Mohideen could not see from his left eye as a result.

Karthigeya and Jayaganesh tried to attack Mr Mohideen while the pub staff tried to block them. Jayaganesh squeezed through and hit Mr Mohideen's head.

Mr Mohideen shouted that the police were coming "so you can leave now". Hearing this, the three attacked him again and left before the police arrived.


The incident left Mr Mohideen with a nasal bone fracture, which has healed. He still has double vision in the left eye.

Lokess was also involved in a drink-driving case on July 17 that year along Pasir Ris Street 21.

Principal District Judge Ong Hian Sun, who took into consideration an offensive weapon charge, backdated Lokess' sentence to Aug 16 last year.