Man wearing only a T-shirt arrested for nudity outside State Courts

This article is more than 12 months old

Police have confirmed that a man was arrested on Jan 8 for appearing nude in a public place.

Naked but for a red T-shirt, the man had been standing in the middle of the road as well as interfering with some construction workers and their equipment.

Police had received a call at around 10.30am requesting assistance at Upper Cross Street.

The unnamed man, 50, had been The entire incident was captured on camera and uploaded to Facebook by Facebook user Shashi Kumar Shashimi.

In the video the man is seen getting into a tug-of-war with the construction workers when he refuses to let go of their hose.

He appears to win the battle and then stands by the kerb before slowly walking into oncoming traffic.

He then stands in the middle of the road, angrily gesturing at various people.

Finally, near a taxi rank outside OG People's Park Mall, he holds his arms aloft before slowly getting down onto his knees and bowing.

Getting up, he gestured more and then climbed into a taxi parked at the rank.

At that point two police officers arrived and eventually apprehended the man.

They wrapped a large neon yellow coat around him as a crowd began to gather.

Police say investigations are ongoing.

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