McDonald’s Singapore's Ramadan ad goes viral

An advertisement by McDonald's Singapore for the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan has gone viral internationally, with netizens praising the ad.

The video ad, which is 1min 52sec long in its full version, was put up on May 14.

It follows a McDonald's delivery rider who wakes up before dawn and has his suhur, or pre-dawn meal, with his family.

The camera then follows his day as he makes deliveries, overcomes difficulties and helps people, like a man whose car has broken down.

Towards the end of the clip, he makes a delivery to a man who looks at the time and stops him from leaving.

"Adik," the man says, using the Malay term for younger brother. "It's time to break your fast right?"

He offers a McDonald's happy sharing box to him and the ad ends with the tagline: "Share the spirit of Ramadan".

A tweet showing the clip went viral with more than 24,000 likes and 26,000 retweets.

The YouTube clip has been watched more than 385,000 times and was featured in an article by BuzzFeed.

User Maheen Ajaz wrote: "Watching from America and wow, wish there were ads like this here!"

A commenter on BuzzFeed's article, Jerika Layne, wrote: "Yeah I teared up a bit."

A spokesman for McDonald's Singapore told The Straits Times yesterday that the ad was developed by advertising company DDB.

McDonald's Singapore's senior director of marketing and digital innovation Agatha Yap said it was encouraged by the positive response to the video.

"We wanted to celebrate Singapore's community spirit of human kindness, sharing and togetherness during this Ramadan, and what better way than to do it through the lens of our McDelivery riders - who connect our brand with our customers, door to door," she said.

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