MD of pharmaceutical firm accused of selling drugs

This article is more than 12 months old

A convicted drug abuser admitted in court yesterday that he had on multiple occasions bought drugs from Stuart Koe Chi Yeow - the founder of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender news and social networking site

On the first day of Koe's drug trafficking trial, Malaysian Yeoh Kim Koon said that Koe, now 45, sold him Ice priced at either $100 per gram or $120 for the same amount.

The court heard that Yeoh was Koe's sexual partner from July to August last year.

Yeoh, who worked as a Chanel beauty adviser, told the court that he is also known as Eric. He added that Koe had also sold him another type of drug known only as "G", which cost $300 for 100ml.

Koe, who is also the managing director of local pharmaceutical firm ICM Pharma, is on trial for one count of drug trafficking.

He allegedly sold to Yeoh one packet of crystalline substance containing 0.17g of Ice for $240 on Aug 25 last year.

Koe is accused of committing the offence in his Spottiswoode Park Road home at around 7.30pm that day.

During his cross-examination, Koe's lawyer, Mr Sunil Sudheesan, highlighted that the two men had stopped contacting each other after Sept 4 last year as Koe "did not like people sticking to him".

Yeoh said he was "a bit disappointed" at this turn of events but was not sad as they were only sex partners.