MOE announces 2018 terms, holidays

This article is more than 12 months old

Next year's school term for primary and secondary schools will start on Jan 2 and end on Nov 16, the Ministry of Education said yesterday.

The school year will start on a Tuesday as Monday (Jan 1) is a public holiday.

There will be four scheduled school holidays - the day after Youth Day (July 2), the day after National Day (Aug 10), Teacher's Day (Aug 31) and Children's Day (Oct 5).

July 2 falls on a Monday, while the other three dates are on Fridays.

For students starting their first year of junior college (JC) or Millennia Institute (MI), school will start on Feb 2 as the O-level results will be released in mid-January. Second-year JC and MI students will begin school on Jan 8.

The school terms and holidays for 2018 can be viewed on the MOE website. - THE STRAITS TIMES