MOM conducts labour force survey on 33,000 households

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is conducting a labour force survey on 33,000 households over two months.

MOM said in a statement that the Comprehensive Labour Force Survey, which began yesterday, will be carried out on a random sample of households, which will be notified that they have been selected by post.

It is conducted by MOM's manpower research and statistics department, and it will go on until July 31. Information collected will be used to compile manpower statistics to help in the formulation of policies and programmes.

Households can participate in the survey online via the Manpower Survey Online System. If they do not do so, the interviewers will call or visit the households.

The interviewers will show an identification card issued by MOM. Those who wish to verify the identity of the interviewers can call the Survey Hotline on 6317-1009.The public can visit the MOM website for more information. - NG HUIWEN