More than 8 in 10 cases closed at employment claims tribunal

A total of 1,190 employment claims were filed at the State Courts since the launch of the Employment Claims Tribunals on April 1 last year.

More than 80 per cent of the cases were closed by March 31, with a majority of them concluded within six months, the State Courts said yesterday.

A total of 732 money orders, which require one party to pay money to the other, were granted, while other cases were either dismissed or withdrawn.

The tribunals, set up as a speedy low-cost avenue to deal with employer-employee disputes, hear statutory and contractual salary-related claims.

Under the Employment Claims Act 2016, the tribunals have the jurisdiction to hear claims of up to $30,000 if the dispute has gone through mediation assisted by the unions.

Those outside the scope of the Act, like professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) who earn more than $4,500 a month, can turn to the tribunals for help. PMEs formed about 25 per cent of individuals who filed employment dispute claims since the tribunals' launch.

The State Courts said about 78 per cent of claims involved unpaid or short payment of salary or allowance. -NG HUIWEN