More entry restrictions at preschools, early intervention centres

There will be more entry restrictions at pre-schools and early intervention centres from Saturday, including a ban on all parents entering the premises except those with newly enrolled children.

It will also not be permitted for children from different classes to mix, and field trips and other large group activities conducted outside centres will be suspended.

These are among efforts to tighten Covid-19 measures at centres, in line with the national effort to slow viral transmission, said the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) yesterday.

However, children under seven will not be required to use TraceTogether from May 17 - the date the use of the contact-tracing system becomes compulsory at venues.

The rules will be implemented alongside the current set of Covid-19 rules in place at pre-schools, such as more cleaning and temperature and health checks up to three times a day.

From Saturday to May 30, only people who are needed to support operations at centres, those performing necessary functions such as licensing, and parents accompanying newly enrolled children will be allowed into centres.


Pre-schools and early intervention centres are advised to hold parent-teacher conferences online, and conduct virtual tours for prospective students, said the ECDA.

Contractors providing supplementary programmes such as enrichment will be allowed to serve only up to four pre-schools during this period.

However, an exception will be made for providers of the Development Support-Learning Support programme and Development Support Plus programme.

The agency also said children will be allowed to participate in activities only within their own class and in small groups.

The centres will conduct these sessions within groups of five children - down from eight - in line with new guidelines.

The ECDA added that outdoor activities during this period may continue in these smaller groups. However, large-scale outdoor activities such as learning journeys will be postponed.

All staff meetings and training must be conducted online when restrictions come into effect on Saturday.