Mother of girl killed in Bukit Batok car accident seeks witnesses

This article is more than 12 months old

The mother of a four-year-old girl killed in a car accident in Bukit Batok Central last month has left her daughter's bedroom untouched since, and has now taken to social media to seek witnesses.

In a Facebook post at 10.04pm on Thursday, Ms Jacelyn Wong, 24, told netizens that the accident that took her daughter Eleanor's life and injured her maid on Oct 9, involved a Proton car.

The accident took place at around 6.40pm in Bukit Batok Central, according to Ms Wong.

She wrote: "I sincerely plead the public to help share this post around and those who are at this area during the time and date of accident to check your dash camera if you've managed to capture any footage of the vehicle."

Speaking to The Straits Times, Ms Wong said that she has been keeping herself busy every day, to take her mind off the tragedy.

"It's hard, but we can only force ourselves to think positively. Life still goes on. I hope I can do it but, seriously, as the days go by, the more I miss her.

"We visit her every day. This Sunday (tomorrow) will be the 49th day since she left us."

The housewife added that she has left Eleanor's room completely untouched since the tragedy.

"I don't have the courage to pack (her things)."

She said that when Eleanor's two-year-old brother starts school, she will slowly donate her daughter's items.

Eleanor and the family maid Ms Su Su Hlaing, 37, were hit by a car while crossing the road near their home on Oct 9. The 53-year-old male driver was arrested for causing death by a rash act.

Police investigations are still ongoing.