Museum seeks high-tech ideas to enhance visitor experience

This article is more than 12 months old

The National Museum of Singapore is asking the public to think of ideas for projects on digital art and technology that could enhance visitors' experience.

Announcing the move yesterday, it said proposals should merge culture and immersive technology and focus on themes such as museology, heritage, research and the gallery experience.

It has set up two categories for ideas. The first, "museum experience", is aimed at the technology industry. Proposals should include suggestions on how to transform the museum experience through technology.

The proposals should also suggest ways to increase access to the museum's collections.

For example, having trackers to collect data on how visitors interact with exhibits, allowing the museum to better curate its exhibits. Projects should cost no more than $20,000.

The second category, "art and creatives", is for artists and creators who want to use technology to express their art.

An example of this could be film-makers who use virtual reality. Projects in this category should cost no more than $30,000. The proposals are open only to Singaporean citizens and permanent residents, and must be submitted by March 15 . - JOSE HONG