Online platform gives students access to quality learning resources

This article is more than 12 months old

Schools are taking e-learning to the next level with the launch of a resource-rich online platform on which students can learn at their own pace anywhere, any time.

The Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS), first announced by then education minister Heng Swee Keat in 2013, will be progressively rolled out to all primary and secondary schools as well as junior colleges and Millennia Institute from next year.

The portal will also let teachers share best practices and work together on materials with their colleagues across schools.

During yesterday's visit to Admiralty Secondary School, one of 62 schools piloting the platform, Education Minister (Schools) Ng Chee Meng said the "rewards for students will be tremendous", adding that the SLS "will open up many opportunities for their learning".

He described how students who want to review a lesson will be able to do it at their own time, even at home.

The Education Ministry (MOE) stressed how all students, regardless of school, will get the same access to quality learning resources.

"By spurring our students to take greater ownership of their learning and work collaboratively with their peers, the SLS aims to support them towards being responsible future-ready learners," MOE said.

The platform, which will feature videos, simulations, games, animations and quizzes, will reinforce learning of subjects like languages, mathematics, history and even physical education.

Interactive timelines on World War II, for instance, can help students visualise how history unfolded over time.

Many of these resources have been developed with industry and external partners to offer real-world context to concepts taught in class, MOE said.

Real-time monitoring of online quizzes, for example, will also let teachers gauge their students' progress. They can then adapt their lessons to bridge learning gaps on the spot.

Since last month, the portal's basic functions have been on trial at the pilot schools.