Singapore app extended to motorcyclists and heavy vehicle drivers

This article is more than 12 months old

Motorcyclists, drivers of heavy vehicles can now use app to pay for parking

Motorcyclists and drivers of heavy vehicles can use a smartphone app to pay at public carparks that now take paper coupons from today.

The app was released for cars on Oct 1 but the latest upgrade means it will be available for all vehicle types, said the Urban Redevelopment Authority, the Housing Board and the Government Technology Agency yesterday.

The app works by calculating the charges that motorists have to pay based on 30-minute blocks.

If motorists end a session earlier, they will be charged on a per-minute basis and get a refund.

Charges for motorcycles will be capped at 65 cents for a day or night session at a car park, similar to current rates.

The app was announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the National Day Rally as part of Singapore's Smart Nation drive. It has been used by 152,000 vehicles for more than a million parking sessions since its launch.

Motorcyclist Norman Lee, 37, said he was glad motorcyclists are included in the initiative but as motorcycle parking rates are capped at 65 cents for a day or night session, per-minute charging schemes would have minimal benefits.

"It may benefit riders more if the app could also be used at carparks with electronic gantries that have specific grace periods," said Mr Lee, who is honorary general secretary for the Singapore Motorcycle Trade Association. "At those carparks, a rider is charged for the full session even if he exceeds the grace period by just one minute."

Mr Neo Tiam Beng of the Singapore School and Private Hire Bus Owners' Association said bus drivers can save money from per-minute charging schemes when they wait for passengers at public carparks.

"But it would be more helpful if the app could help drivers locate available spots for overnight parking for heavy vehicles," he noted.