Pay for your bus and train rides with Mastercard

You may soon be able to use your Mastercard contactless credit or debit card for fare payments on public transport.

The Land Transport Authority and Mastercard will be piloting an account-based ticketing (ABT) system for fare payments on public transport from March 20. Commuters can use their contactless credit and debit cards issued by Mastercard to pay for bus and train rides.

Commuters holding Singapore-issued Mastercard contactless credit or debit cards can register on the TransitLink ABT Portal, if they have not been pre-registered by their banks.

Mr Desmond Tan, head of OCBC Bank's Group Lifestyle Financing, said: "This makes it easier for public transport commuters by relieving the need of having to top up their pre-paid transit cards. We saw 50 per cent growth in contactless payments, and had the highest number of contactless transactions in the past year.

"This shows a rising acceptance of contactless payment cards and, given their convenience, these cards are becoming an integral part of customers' life." - THE STRAITS TIMES

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