Pioneers to get Medisave top-ups next month

Singaporeans on the Pioneer Generation Package will receive this year's Medisave top-ups next month.

The top-up for each pioneer ranges from $200 to $800 annually for life, and is part of the Pioneer Generation Package, which thanks pioneers for their contributions to the country.

This year, pioneers born between 1945 and 1949 will receive $200, while those born between 1940 and 1944 will receive $400.

Pioneers born between 1935 and 1939 will get $600, and those born in 1934 or earlier will get $800.

A total of $180 million will be disbursed under the scheme for the year, the Ministry of Finance said yesterday. This amount is the same as that for last year.

The Pioneer Generation Medisave top-ups are in addition to the Medisave top-ups for Singaporeans aged 65 and above this year, which come under the GST Voucher Scheme.

For example, a pioneer who is 85 this year, lives in a Housing Board flat and does not own a second property will receive a total of $1,250 in Medisave top-ups this year.

This comprises the $800 Pioneer Generation Medisave top-up and a $450 GST Voucher - Medisave top-up. - LESTER HIO