Police investigating AMK hit-and-run case involving e-scooter

Woman, 65, suffers injuries after incident near lift lobby, daughter seeks witnesses to nab person responsible

Police are investigating an alleged hit-and-run incident involving an e-scooter in Ang Mo Kio on Tuesday.

The e-scooter rider was said to have failed to provide assistance after crashing into a 65-year-old woman.

Now, the woman's daughter, Ms Sharon Sim, is seeking witnesses to help identify the rider.

According to Ms Sim, her mother was on the way to pick up Ms Sim's daughter from a childcare centre when she was knocked down from behind by an e-scooter rider near the lift lobby at Block 538 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 at around 5.30pm.

After both parties picked themselves up from the ground, the rider fled from the scene, Ms Sim told The Straits Times yesterday.

Her mother, who wanted to be identified only as Madam Lee, tried to stop the rider from leaving but was unsuccessful.

She sustained injuries to her hip, leg, arms and shoulders, and a cut nose.

A group of five students from the Institute of Technical Education near the scene heard Madam Lee shouting after the rider, and they offered assistance as they saw her bleeding from her face.

"One of the students asked if she wanted to call 999, but she said she didn't want to because she might be delayed from picking up my daughter," Ms Sim, a 35-year-old communications director, said.

Soon after, Madam Lee's husband arrived. The 63-year-old taxi driver attempted to chase after the rider but lost sight of him.

When contacted, a police spokesman confirmed that a report was lodged and added that investigations are ongoing.

Ms Sim said: "There are a lot of people who are calling for a ban on e-scooters, but this is not the issue.

"In this case, even if the rider was on any other mode of transportation such as a bicycle or car, he could have knocked into a pedestrian and escaped."

She added that she was thankful to the students who helped her mother.

"It was very nice of them and we are trying to locate them to say thanks. Hopefully, if any of them noticed more details of the rider, it would be good to get their help as witnesses too."

This is the fourth reported e-scooter-related incident in a week.