President Halimah thanks 
two supporters over lunch

This article is more than 12 months old

A missed opportunity turned into an invitation to lunch with the President for two lucky women, Madam Sim Goon Hua, 79, and Madam Lim Ah Kheoh, 82.

The two best friends had waited under the hot sun at the People's Association headquarters on Sept 13 hoping to meet Madam Halimah Yacob after she was declared President-elect.

Singapore would soon have its first woman president and they wanted to congratulate her.

But they left disappointed as the crowd was too thick outside the nomination centre for the presidential election.

Yesterday, Madam Sim and Madam Lim, had "the experience of their lives" at lunch with President Halimah, who had read about them in The Straits Times. The seniors had expressed their disappointment at not being able to meet Madam Halimah that day.

"I read their interview and wanted to personally thank them for their support," Madam Halimah said on Facebook yesterday.

During lunch of steamed fish, chicken, vegetables and rice, they chatted in Mandarin and Malay with the President about their lives and the King George's Avenue Seniors Activity Centre, where they sing, play mahjong, dance and play sudoku.

Madam Lim said: "(President Halimah) was very nice, she kept asking us to eat and laughed a lot. We were sitting around the table like we were family... We are so happy."

Madam Sim (left) and Madam Lim gave Madam Halimah couplets with Chinese phrases which wished her happiness and a joyous Mid-Autumn Festival. PHOTO: MCI

Both women also gave Madam Halimah couplets that they embroidered with Chinese phrases which wished her happiness and a joyous Mid-Autumn Festival.

In her Facebook post, Madam Halimah said: "The two best friends are so full of energy. We had a good laugh at many of their jokes.

"They reminded me of my mum - warm and personable, always seeing the bright side of things. Definitely role models for all of us."

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