PUB plans to develop pool guidelines

This article is more than 12 months old

The national water agency PUB has called a tender for a company to conduct a study into swimming pool management. The tender closed late last month.

In response to media enquiries, a PUB spokesman said that in swimming pool maintenance, most of the water use goes to topping up water levels and cleaning the filters. But as public and private pools differ in many ways, such as size, design, their operating mechanisms and the number of users, the water agency wants to better understand how specific types of pools work.

The firm chosen will study nine pools, including public pools, condominium pools and hotel pools, over about five months. They will be divided into groups of three and their specific technical designs and management practices examined.

Among other things, the pools' capacity, the size of their balancing tanks - which keep the water level constant - and their water filtration systems will be studied.

The PUB study also aims to see how much the water conservation measures currently in use can be applied to swimming pools across Singapore.

The spokesman said: "With such information, we can identify good practices that can be shared with all swimming pool owners and develop guidelines for water-efficient swimming pools."