Public hearings on fake news to be held next week

The Select Committee looking into online falsehoods will hold public hearings to consider oral evidence presented by experts, industry stakeholders and the public over the next three weeks, starting next Wednesday.

The committee said yesterday that March 14 to 16, March 22 and 23, and March 27 to 29 had been set aside for the public hearings.

Its statement added that the committee will decide whether all the dates are needed as the hearings progress.

The hearings - open to the public and the media - will take place at the Parliament House's Public Hearing Room.

The committee was set up in January to recommend how Singapore can tackle fake news, which can range from fake news for commercial purposes to sophisticated state-sponsored disinformation campaigns with political aims.

The public is invited to write to the committee on the causes and consequences of fake news and suggest counter-measures against the threat.

Those interested to make written representations can do so by 4.30pm on Wednesday.

More details on the written representations, as well as the individuals and organisations who will be giving oral evidence at the public hearings, will be made available after the committee meets again on Friday, the statement said.

As of 4.30pm on Feb 27, the committee had received 62 submissions.

In comparison, the 1988 Select Committee on the Parliamentary Elections (Amendment) Bill received 99 submissions from the public, the highest on record.