Public Transport Council seeks views from people with disabilities, their caregivers

An ongoing public survey is seeking feedback from people with disabilities and their caregivers about their travel experiences and barriers faced while using public transport.

The Public Transport Council (PTC) has put up an online survey that is open from now till the end of the month.

The form will take about 10 minutes to complete.

The views will help to further improve the public transport system, the council said.

All responses are anonymous.

To access the survey form, go to

At least 200 people have responded to the survey so far.

It contains questions on whether the respondent uses mobility aids, the frequency with which he uses his main mode of transport each week, and how satisfied he is with the transport options available.


It also asks about waiting time, reliability, service information provided, accessibility and comfort, among other factors.

The survey is in response to recommendations made in April by the independent living work group under the Third Enabling Masterplan, a national road map to building a more inclusive society for people with disabilities.

The work group aims to promote the independent living of people with disabilities through technology and design.

It has made 11 recommendations that are focused on improving accessibility in the built environment, ensuring access to information and services, increasing adoption of assistive technology, raising awareness of disabilities and promoting inclusion. - THE STRAITS TIMES