Rail operators must inform commuters if delays are over 10 mins

This article is more than 12 months old

Train operators have to inform commuters of any delays that exceed 10 minutes by announcing it on the train and at the station, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA) yesterday.

If the delays worsen, operators are expected to also broadcast this via mainstream and social media such as Twitter and Facebook, it added in a statement.

The regulator outlined these existing requirements following queries from The Straits Times about recent commuter complaints that operators were tardy or failed to make announcements during rail disruptions.

Its spokesman said: "We have received feedback from commuters on rail operators' public announcements during service delays, and will be looking into this matter."

Rail operator SMRT received flak on social media in recent months from commuters that delays were not being announced.

The most recent case was a train fault on the North-South Line in the morning rush hour on Nov 9. Commuters posted photos online of congested platforms at Admiralty, Ang Mo Kio, Woodlands and Yishun, complaining there were no announcements of a delay.

SMRT said it is improving its travel app, SMRT-Connect, to give commuters more accurate information.

Mr Patrick Nathan, its vice-president for corporate communications, said the company is also piloting QR codes at stations to give commuters information on bus options during disruptions.

"We recognise and understand the need to notify commuters of any incidents that may affect their travel experience," Mr Nathan said, adding that SMRT will alert commuters of delays longer than 10 minutes through various channels.