Revamped FairPrice outlet boasts new retail concept

This article is more than 12 months old

FairPrice Xtra at Jurong Point has been revamped, and it is now the first FairPrice outlet in Singapore to make use of a new in-store retail concept in the way products are displayed.

The outlet, which officially reopened yesterday, boasts several new features, including a re-organisation of some sections of the hypermarket into five zones.

 It has been closed in phases since August for the revamp.

The zones include a Parenting Zone, which houses an interactive play area for children - Kidsmart - to keep them occupied while their parents shop.

Mr Marcus Wong, its hypermarket general manager,said: "We want to make shopping fun for the family.

"We do not want to compete with online but give shoppers an experience that they can only find in shopping with us in-store."

He said products in the hypermarket will no longer be arranged along the lines of the product-based method of the past in which similar goods were displayed together.

The outlet has embraced the concept of mission shopping, in which products used together will be displayed together - even if they might not be of similar categories.

One example Mr Wong cited was the stocking of food items and cooking appliances together as opposed to in different sections.

The hypermarket also boasts an expanded self-checkout area - more than two times as many as other FairPrice stores - to free up employees to work on engaging customers.

Mr Wong said the re-organisation has enabled FairPrice to use its resources more efficiently as the hypermarket has remained the same size with no change in number of workers.

A housewife who was shopping with her mother and nine-month old baby on opening day, Ms Elaine Chng, 30, said: "The revamp makes it easier to shop."The children's items are all in the same area, and there is a place where I can keep my child entertained while I do the shopping."