Scream responsibly at Hong Lim Park

This article is more than 12 months old

Organiser of event at Hong Lim Park hopes participants can let off steam

The event at Hong Lim Park tomorrow from 6pm to 6.30pm centres around screaming. Lots of screaming, and the more "anguished and tormented", the better.

Since it was publicised on Facebook on March 10, the "Anguished, tormented screaming" group activity has had more than 800 reactions from users indicating their interest.

The overwhelming response surprised organiser Visakan Veerasamy, 27, who expected only 20 people to show up.

The founder of apparel brand told The New Paper: "Many are amused and some think it's a joke. Personally, I'm quite excited and curious to see what will happen."

Mr Visakan hopes the event will serve as a form of primal therapy that is emotionally beneficial to participants.

It will begin with a warm-up where participants stretch and converse. At 6pm, they scream for five minutes. Subsequent screaming is "own time, own target".

Mr Visakan expects the participants to be mostly teenagers and young adults.

He applied for a police permit on March 12, but was informed that it was not required. He had done so because he did not want the event to "get out of control or be a public nuisance".

Miss Sreya, 24, a content executive who is attending with her boyfriend, said: "I haven't seen such a fun and odd event so I'm looking forward to seeing how it will unfold."

Edwin Seow, 17, a junior college student who saw the event on Facebook said: "It wil be a good opportunity for me to scream out the emotional stress from school, social situations and occasional family problems."

Clinical psychologist Carol Balhetchet said that in primal therapy, a therapist helps clients to resurface any repressed pain they may have had in early childhood. She advises those who want to experience formal primal therapy to see a therapist.

"To be effective, primal therapy is usually conducted individually to give focused attention to the patient," she said.

Said Mr Visakan: "I hope people will scream responsibly."