Singapore Smart City: Smart Commute

This article is more than 12 months old

From e-payments to improving public transport, these are just some of the initiatives covered in the Smart City video series produced by The Business Times (BT).

This episode, Smart Commute, explores the country's hope of moving towards a more user-centric and efficient transportation system in the future.

To achieve this aim, initiatives such as automated vehicle (AV) transport system and e-scooter rentals are being rolled out. The AV system hopes to revolutionise the transport system in many smart cities.

To facilitate the testing of AVs, The Centre of Excellence for Testing and Research of Autonomous Vehicles NTU was set up by the Land Transport Authority and Jurong Town Corporation, together with Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

NTU has recently deployed an electric air-conditioned mini bus as a shuttle service for three residential halls.

Another initiative would be an e-scooter rental service rolled out by start-up Floatility. Dubbed the "e-floaters", they are equipped with a GPS solution and are relatively affordable to commuters at 10 Singapore cents per minute.

Additionally, the company also came up with "geo-fence", a solution which ensures that e-scooters are not parked indiscriminately by only allowing them to rent and return the scooters within designated areas. This service is currently available at one-North.

The second episode will be out on Sept 19 and will cover Singapore's aim to be a cash-free society.

Supported by the Info-communications Media Development Authority's (IMDA) PSB programme the six-episode video series will cover some of the Smart Nation initiatives launched by Singapore in fields such as electronic payments, digital identity, and transportation.

Smart Nation is an initiative by the Singapore government to transform the Republic into a global city through technology and digital innovation. The videos for this series can also be viewed at