Stray dogs featured on red packets

This article is more than 12 months old

Four years ago, Dash, then a puppy, was found with its four siblings around their mother's carcass in Tampines.

Their mother had been crushed to death by a pile of PVC construction pipes.

Dash and its siblings - stray, mixed-breed dogs known as Singapore Specials - were then rescued by animal welfare group Causes for Animals Singapore (CAS).

Dash was one of the dogs from CAS featured on a series of dog-theme red packets by creative agency DDB Singapore.

Bonnie, an eight-year-old poodle passed to CAS from the Agri Food And Veterinary Authority (AVA), and Hope, a three-month-old Singapore Special rescued by CAS from a scrapyard in Woodlands, were also featured.

Both were adopted last month.

Ms Drishti Khemani, 26, an art director at DDB Singapore, had teamed up with three dog-loving colleagues to design the red packets.

She said: "Since this is the Year of the Dog, we felt it would be a great time to raise awareness about abandoned and stray dogs and also about animal welfare."

One of CAS' founders, Mr Marcus Tan, 32, said he hopes the red packets will encourage people to consider adopting Singapore Specials such as Dash.

He said: "If they were as aggressive as people think, they would not be able to pose like that on the packets."

The red packets are available online at

A pack of nine hongbao costs $8, and all proceeds go to CAS.