Strutting to semi-finals

Some 120 girls were invited to The New Paper New Face auditions today at the Subaru showroom at Leng Kee Road.

But only 24 will go on to the semi-finals. Last year’s New Face finalists share with DANELIA CHIM ( tips on how to impress the judges


“It’s not verbal but rather how you portray yourself. You need to walk well (to show that). Be simple, be yourself, be confident.”

— First runner-up and winner of subsidiary title Her World Runway Star Nametha R, 18, model (below)



“The most important thing is to bring out the best version of your authentic self. Smile and be approachable. Feel self-assured in your walk — if you wobble a bit, don’t sweat it! Be kind, genuine and appreciate the opportunity.”

— Miss Niqi Chass, 24, executive assistant (below)



“Don’t hesitate when you pose. If you’re going to put your hand on your hip, just do it. The judges can see your hesitation. I didn’t think much, I just walked, posed and turned back. Keep it simple.”

— Miss Nikki Pang, 20, freelance make-up artist


“I think I was very cheery during my walk. You want your personality to shine through since there are so many girls. You want the judges to remember you.”

— Melissa Poh, 16, secondary school student


“Practising my walk did help and I opted to walk in a pair of heels of a comfortable height instead of tottering in skyscraper heels, which could have jeopardised my walk. Having a clear complexion with minimal makeup helps in creating a pleasant impression for the judges.”

— Second runner-up Lee Qian Hui, 24, who is going to pursue post-graduate studies at Nanyang Technological University


“I always have a very big smile. Be genuine and don’t fake it. The judges will definitely know what’s real and what’s fake.”

— Tanisha Lissa Khan, 17, business student at Temasek Polytechnic

About The New Paper New Face

The New Paper New Face is a modelling competition that is now in its 24th year. Many New Face alumni have joined the industry, including actresses Julie Tan and Atikah Suhaime, models Sara Chan, Diya Prabhakar and Lisah Suhaimi, Night Owl Cinematics star Aurelia Ng and social media star Sophie Willocq.


Winner: $10,000 cash and a feature in Her World magazine

1st runner-up: $5,000 cash

2nd runner-up: $3,000 cash


The New Paper New Face 2016 is presented by: Subaru MotorImage

Official make-up: Cosmoprof Academy

Official fashion mall: Marina Square

Official magazine: Her World

Official radio station: Kiss92 FM

For more information, check out New Face on Facebook (, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram (@TNPNewFace).

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