Suspension of two-week jail term lifted for luxe watch co-founder Jannie Chan

The High Court ordered a two-week jail term for businesswoman Jannie Chan to take effect, after she continued to disobey a court order that restrained her from defaming and harassing her ex-husband.

Chan, 72, who co-founded luxury watch retailer The Hour Glass with former husband Henry Tay, 73, was given the jail term for contempt of court on Aug 2.

The judge, however, had given her a last chance to avoid prison by suspending the sentence for a year, provided that she stopped defaming and harassing Dr Tay, underwent monthly psychiatric treatment and kept her former husband updated about each session.

A day later, Chan flouted the conditions. She posted allegedly defamatory comments on Facebook, sent hundreds of allegedly defamatory and harassing e-mails to various recipients and even turned up at Dr Tay's new home, took photos of it and forwarded them to others, said his lawyer, Ms Megan Chia.

Chan also failed to show proof of three psychiatric appointments.

Chan and Dr Tay ended their 41-year marriage in 2010. He sued her in 2014 for sending e-mails which he said were defamatory or amounted to harassment. The lawsuit was settled and Chan was ordered to stop. However, she persisted in flouting the order. - SELINA LUM