Taufik Batisah's #awakkatmane: The hashtag that became a song

So the post that sparked a thousand parodies has now spawned a full-length song.

Taufik Batisah performed his newest song #awakkatmane during the final of the singing competition SG Mania on Tuesday (Sept 30) and from reactions online its clear that his fans approved of the upbeat song.





How did the song come about though?

Well believe it or not, inspiration came from his fans, the Fiknatics.

He uploaded an Instagram video while he was on his way to meet some of his fans to break fast during Ramadan where he jokingly asked his fans where there. 

His fans then came up with funny parodies using the hashtag #awakkatemane (slang for "Where are you?")


It went viral and as they say, the rest is history.

He first debuted the song #awakkatmane at a performance at Causeway Point on Sept 28 as part of the launch of his album "Fique".

Taufik then performed the song Wednesday (on Oct 1) during the two-hour finale of SG Mania, a new singing competition held on Suria featuring winners of past singing competitions as contestants. 

Iskandar Ismail better known Eiss, emerged as the winner with 40.34 per cent of the votes after eight weeks of competition, reported Berita Harian. 

Source: Twitter, Instagram, Berita Harian

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