Teachers to pay for parking in schools from August

Teachers in primary and secondary schools, as well as junior colleges, will have to pay for parking from August.

Outdoor season parking will cost $75 a month during the school term, and $15 a month during school holidays in June, November and December.

At sheltered carparks, teachers will pay $100 monthly during the school term and $20 monthly during holidays. Motorcyclists will be charged $13 a month at uncovered carparks, and $2 during school holidays.

Sheltered parking fees will be $14 during the school term and $3 during school holidays.

Teachers were briefed yesterday on the introduction of carpark rates, imposed in line with the Public Service Division's "clean wage" policy, which stipulates that salaries are fully accounted for, with no hidden perks and privileges.

Parking charges will be the same across all schools.

In response to queries from The Straits Times, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said it has been working with the Public Service Division and the Ministry of Finance to determine "an appropriate treatment for staff parking in schools".

The fact that teachers have never had to pay for parking in schools came under the spotlight in 2015 when an Auditor-General's Office report faulted some institutions for allowing their staff to park for free, or at fees below the market rate.

Such practices "are tantamount to providing hidden subsidies for vehicle parking", it had said in a report of financial lapses in public-sector bodies.

The MOE spokesman said the same charges will be implemented in independent and government-aided schools.

Non-school staff such as canteen stall operators will also need to pay for parking but not visitors such as parents.

All polytechnics and the Institute of Technical Education started charging for parking last October.