Three friends walk 100km around Singapore in 24 hours

This article is more than 12 months old

Three men in their 50s, who have walked together monthly for about 10 years, wanted to challenge themselves.

That was why they signed up for a free 100km round-the-island overnight trek, which began on Saturday at Raffles Place.

"We wanted to gain a sense of accomplishment, but we also believe in teamwork and encouraged one another," said technical officer Ong Chin Bok, 56.

"We speak the same language," said his friend, Mr Alex Quah, 54, who is a counsellor.

Together with retiree Steven Chee, 59, they were among the seven who completed the walk as of 10pm yesterday.

They were the only ones left of more than 150 people who had started, with 27 making it to the 50km mark at Waterway Point in the north-east at Punggol.

Not everyone had intended to complete the entire distance.

The event was organised by walking enthusiast and project manager Vijay Kumar, 36, who runs the SGTrek Expeditions and Adventures Facebook page.

Finishers were rewarded with a T-shirt and a lifetime membership to SGTrek Expeditions and Adventures, which has a lifetime joining fee of $35.

Mr Vijay is also planning a 50km walk in August.

The first to finish was Ms Vijayalakshmi Rajulupati, who is in her 40s.

The assistant vice-president in a bank trained by walking 5km to 10km for two weeks every day before the challenge.

The Indian national said: "My husband and I have lived in Singapore for seven years and got married here, and I love each and every bit of life here, so it was not a boring walk for me."