Travel agencies: More Singaporeans opting for self-drive holidays

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Travel agencies urge travellers to prepare before driving overseas

The traffic accident abroad last week that killed a Singaporean woman was the third such case reported this month.

Interior designer Koh Yuan Ling was travelling in South Africa with her sister when the accident happened on Dec 21.

Ms Koh, 33, died, while her sister is believed to have been injured.

On Dec 22, a car crash in the United States killed three people - 22-year-old Singapore Armed Forces scholar Justin Yeo Jun Xi and his parents.

His 19-year-old sister, Ms Justlyn Yeo Jing Hui, survived.

On Dec 11, a Singaporean man died in a traffic accident in New Zealand on the west coast of the South Island.

Shin Min Daily News identified him as Mr Seow Kai Yuan.

Travel agencies said more Singaporeans are opting for self-drive holidays rather than guided tours.

Dynasty Travel's director of marketing communications, Ms Alicia Seah, said the number of bookings and enquiries for self-drive tours has grown by about 15 per cent every year.

Chan Brothers' marketing communications executive, Ms Justine Koh, said the demand for self-drive holidays to Australia, New Zealand, the US, Japan and South Korea has grown between 15 and 20 per cent each year.

She said: "Before our self-drive tours, there will be a safety briefing that is conducted to ensure customers are aware of the road rules and regulations of the respective countries that they will be travelling to."

Ms Seah said travellers need to take note of things such as the correct side of the road to drive on, whether their wheels are suited to winter conditions, and if the road is lit at night.

She also suggested taking a break every two hours or every 100 miles or 160km.

She said: "The driver should be well rested before a long drive, or pull to a rest area if he gets too tired.

"It is also very important to mind the driving speed, especially on long drives with no traffic lights."