Wild boar dies after being caught by illegal trap in a Lim Chu Kang cemetery

A wild boar that was caught in an illegal trap died from the stress of being trapped in a tight space, according to the assessment of a veterinarian from the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres).

Acres shared details of the incident, which happened on Monday, on its Facebook page.

The boar was found in a Lim Chu Kang cemetery by a member of the public.

When Acres staff arrived at the scene 30 minutes later, they found the boar dead in a trap that was made from construction metal, wood and wires.

The boar's hooves were found to be heavily damaged and bleeding severely, presumably from trying to escape. It also had a metal spring in its mouth, which was suspected to have been holding bait.

According to Acres, there have been sightings of boars at the Lim Chu Kang cemetery before. The cemetery is also in the Western Catchment area, which is known to be home to other wildlife such as the critically endangered Sunda pangolins.

Acres said: "If one could set up such a huge trap onsite for a wild boar, many concerns arise for the other wildlife (which) live in these habitats."

This is not the first time wild boars have been caught by illegal traps.

In October last year, two adult wild boars and three piglets were found in an illegal trap off Sime Road.

The animals were found distressed but were fortunately rescued by Acres and released backed into the forest.