Witness: I don't think he looked like policeman


He has worked in Woodlands for about 20 years and knows many of the residents there.

Lift maintenance technician Tung Shue Kiong told the court yesterday that he had spotted Muhammad Firman Jumali Chew about five times in the area before the pizza delivery man allegedly raped a teenage girl there.

Firman, 30, is also accused of pretending to be a policeman and forcing the girl, then 16, to perform oral sex on him on Oct 9, 2013, at Block 359, Woodlands Avenue 5.

On the third day of the trial, Mr Tung, 57, said that even though they had never spoken before that day, he found the father of one "weird".

On Oct 9, 2013, Mr Tung had been about to take a break from work at the 12th storey of Block 362 when he heard somebody saying "officer" at a stairwell.

When he went to investigate, he saw Firman and the girl one storey below. Mr Tung said that after Firman saw him, he left the stairwell with the girl.

Sensing that something was wrong, Mr Tung went to a lift landing and noticed that no one had taken the lifts down although the pair had just left.

He tried to look for them, but failed.He went to the first storey and spotted the girl's then-16-year-old boyfriend. He asked him what he was doing there.

The teen replied that Firman had told him he was a police officer and had asked him to leave as he wanted to talk to the girl alone, the court heard.

When examined in court yesterday, Mr Tung said: "I told (the boy) 'impossible'. I had seen (Firman) before and I don't think he looked like a policeman. (Firman) looked strange."

The pair looked frantically for the girl for about an hour before she phoned the boy to tell him that she was at Woodlands Bus Interchange. When they went there, they saw Firman and the girl.

Mr Tung testified that he asked Firman repeatedly about his warrant card, but the man kept silent. After the third attempt, he said that Firman finally claimed that it was at home. The trial continues today. - SHAFFIQ ALKHATIB

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