Woman nabbed after nearly driving into ICA officer at Woodlands

A Malaysian woman believed to be on drugs was arrested last week at Woodlands Checkpoint for not complying with the instructions of officers.

The 28-year-old, who was driving a Malaysia-registered car, was stopped by a Traffic Police auxiliary police officer at about 8.35pm on April 3, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) said yesterday.

The officer had been regulating traffic towards Woodlands Checkpoint.

The woman did not comply with the officer's instruction to stop and instead made an unauthorised right turn from Woodlands Centre Road towards the checkpoint during restricted hours.

She was directed to the traffic control post at Woodlands Crossing for her summons to be processed.

However, as she was driving towards the control post, she accelerated dangerously up the ramp towards the checkpoint, almost knocking into an ICA officer.

When her vehicle stopped at the checkpoint, the woman refused to alight, locking herself inside the car instead, ICA said.

Officers noticed that she seemed to be having breathing difficulties after ingesting a white tablet.

Despite attempts to persuade her to unlock the car door, she refused to comply.

They had to break the front passenger window to reach her and an ambulance was activated.

After it was assessed that she did not need to be taken to hospital, the woman was arrested for failure to comply with the instructions of authorised officers.

The Police K-9 Unit conducted further checks on the woman and her car, and found an Erimin-5 wrapper on the centre console of her car. Another Erimin-5 tablet was found inside her handbag.

Suspecting that she was driving under the influence of drugs, officers swabbed her hands and belongings, which yielded positive results for controlled drugs. The woman had a vape device, believed to also contain a controlled drug.

The woman and her car were handed over to the police and the Central Narcotics Bureau.

Investigations are ongoing.