Singaporeans' creative hashtag to pay tributes to Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Some Singaporeans were using the creative hashtag ​ #thankyew on Wednesday (March 25).

Others passed word around online to get as many people as possible to wear black on Sunday (March 29), the day of Mr Lee Kuan Yew's funeral.

Singaporeans took to the social media to show their gratitude to the nation's founding father.

Here are some of them: They thanked him for...


Maybebabysg: "... dedicating your life to Singapore and its future, and may you rest in peace."

Oreowah: "If not for you, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, my mama and I will not be able to gaigai (=go out) at night safely, I will not have imported food to survive in a country with no natural resources, I will not have a team of doctors and nurses who worked so hard under the equal-for-all education system that you've developed, and I will not have a clean, sheltered place to live in if not for your incredible foresight.

Yvonnelifan: "She's (my daughter) blessed to be born in a modern country with nothing to worry about but to embrace a future with infinite possibilities. Thank you, Mr Lee for all that you have done for the generations to come." 

Debbiecxq: "Would be nice to see the nation unite as one for the man who fought so resiliently for our independence."

Iwaniwan: "Mr Lee for making Singapore a better place."

Curiousdottedline: "A tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew - an acknowledgement to a great man and a powerful leader who chose a life of contribution. He didn't have to, but he did. It wasn't easy but he did it anyway (such an honorable bad ass). The night before the news, I thought of how he has completed his work here and whether he is physically here or not, his presence and contribution are very much alive in this country. So it was strange to me - being this emotionally impacted by the news of his passing. He has always been someone I "knew" (from the social studies textbook and all the national education programmes we had in school) and yet, never really knew. 
I am impacted. I have not thought about or articulated this much before but deep down,  I am madly grateful to him. I do not care to assess or evaluate his ways; or compare what we have today to what we could have or who could have done a better job. 
What I have today is because of him. And I am absolutely clear on that.

"His government gave my dad a stable job, which gave my parents the means to start a family and have a home to call our own. His emphasis on education gave existence to my academic achievements, which contributed significantly to my personal growth and development. I am fortunate to never have to worry about my livelihood or my safety.

"I have gratitude and enormous respect for him. He has lived for a cause way bigger than himself."

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