Singaporeans react to video of rude passenger bullying taxi driver

A video of a taxi driver being bullied and berated by a passenger he picked up in Chai Chee on Friday (March 13) morning is going viral on social media.

The six-minute clip was posted on All Singapore Stuff's Facebook page on Saturday (March 14).

As the footage is from a dashboard camera facing the road, the passenger is not visible in the video. But the conversation which took place in the taxi is audible.

According to the captions in the video, the clip was made by the taxi driver's son or daughter.

The person concluded the video with the caption: "Taxi uncles are not idiots, deaf or useless, they are someone's family. They are fathers who work 14 hours a day, seven days a week, even on public holidays so people like me and my sis get an education (sic)."

Here's what happened in the clip.

Despite having stated the pick-up location as in front of block, the man waits at the main road for the cab after making a booking. 

The cabby arrives at the block and calls the passenger.

When the man gets to the cab, he scolds the cabby.

Later, during the ride, the cabby tries to explain that he was heading to the pick-up location.

At the start of the journey, the cabby tries to turn the taxi meter on.



The passenger boards at 6.17am at Chai Chee and insists on getting to his destination by 6.30am.

The request is rather unrealistic. 

Factoring in traffic conditions at that time, Google Maps predicts that the journey would have taken 18 minutes at the very least.


The man is unhappy with the speed the vehicle is travelling at.

He also gets upset when other vehicles cut in front of the cab.


Throughout the video, the passenger sounds aggressive and raises his voice numerous times. The cabby, on the other hand, sounds apologetic and remains calm.

Netizens react

Netizens have been criticising the passenger's behaviour on social media.

To see the video, click here.