Singaporeans wake to find PSI level creeping back to unhealthy range

If you woke up on Monday (Nov 3) morning to find that your vision is slightly blurred, don't worry. 

That smell lingering in the air is not from your breakfast burning. Rather, it's from the haze lingering in the air.









 At 9am, the National Environment Agency (NEA) 3 hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) level was in the unhealthy range of 111.



The website showed that PSI level has been on a steady increase over the past 24 hours.

A graph showing the upward trend of the haze readings in Singapore. Photo: Screen capture/NEA

According to the information published on NEA's haze microsite, hazy conditions can be be expected to continue today - no thanks to the prevailing wind conditions.

Since the reading is at unhealthy levels, elderly people, pregnant women, children and those with long term cardiovascular problems are advised to avoid prolonged periods of strenuous activities outdoors. 

Has the haze affected you in any way? 

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Sources: NEA, Twitter