Singtel changed its logo: Here's what Singaporeans think about it

​Yesterday, Singtel unveiled its new logo as part of a massive rebranding exercise.

The logo has an arc of five red dots over its name signifying innovation and ongoing business evolution.

Singtel group chief executive officer Chua Sock Koong said:

"We need to change out brand as the market evolves... When we look at the competition (here), it is not just traditional telcos (but also against a lot of the) OTT (over-the-top) content players."

This is the telco's first revamp in 16 years - and consumers in Singapore took note.

Social media lit up with comments about the new, drastically different logo. Some liked it - and predictably - some didn't. 

One person wasn't sure what to make of the change...



The new logo reminds this person of something else.



Another saw humour, unintended maybe?



Did the rebranding really help though?



And from the people who liked it: