Slovak architect turns billboards into homes for the homeless

This article is more than 12 months old

In the hands of architects, even billboards can become homes.

Slovak architect Michal Polacek added a third wall and a roof to the V-shape advertising hoardings to turn them into small but functional houses for the homeless.

Mr Polacek hopes his novel design will “help the homeless to return to normal life, find a job and eventually find a better place to stay”.

The one-bedroom triangular homes include a kitchen and bathroom and are powered by solar panels or connected to the same network that lights the billboards at night.

The architect says the cost of building the homes can be covered by billboard advertising revenues.

How did he come up with the novel design?

“I was inspired by a friend who once pointed at a billboard and said ‘Hey, I could live up there!’ and also by the desire to help those less fortunate,” he said.

He has yet to construct his design, but says it is available as a free, open-source platform for anyone wanting to use it.

Find out more about the project here.

Source: AFP