Soon, you'll be able to use Facebook at work, with the boss' go-ahead

This article is more than 12 months old

​Soon, there'll be a way to use Facebook at work openly - without having to hide from the bosses.

Facebook said that it is currently testing a version of the popular social media platform that will help employees actually get work done - instead of, you know, checking your friends' updates online.

Simply called Facebook at Work, it is currently available in Apple's app store as well as Google Play Shope for Android devices.

But before you download the app, take note: It can only be accessed by a few companies.

Facebook spokeswoman Elisabeth Diana said that the pilot program is intended to gain feedback to refine the offering. She added:

"We have internally used Facebook at Work for many years now, it works pretty effectively and efficiently for collaboration.
"We think we can bring this insight to other companies."

The new app will have the same features as the Facebook, including news feeds, chats, groups and other features.

However, when you share an article on the newer version, only the people inside that particular company will be able to see and engage with the post.

For work only

But don't think that you can get away with tricking your bosses that you are using the work version, when you are actually using the Facebook that we are all familiar with. 

Page backgrounds are a different colour from the well-known Facebook blue.

The different shades are ostensibly to let bosses know - at a glance - when social networking is work-oriented.