Spanish gravedigger suspended for posing with exhumed corpse in photo

A Spanish gravedigger, Clemente, got suspended from his job after posing next to an exhumed corpse of a man, officials said.

Clemente, who works in Guardamar del Segura cemetery in southern Spain, posed with corpse of the man who had died 23 years ago and the deceased's relative.

The mummified body of the man was exhumed to extend the grave so that his wife could be buried beside him.

For reasons unknown, the niece then took a photo on her mobile of Clemente holding up the body alongside the other man, said to be the corpse's nephew by marriage, who is grinning broadly.

She then sent the photo to a​ family member on Whatsapp and it eventually was posted on social media, according to the Spanish daily.

"It was silliness with no justification whatsoever and we will have to take a decision," a municipal representative said of Clemente's actions.

The paper reported that the case has been referred to the civil guard and Clemente has been suspended from his normal duties and assigned to other tasks.

Source: UPI News, The Local, Twitter