Spectator films monster truck as it comes towards him and crashes into crowd

A Dutch spectator was lucky to be alive as he shot this video of a monster truck that ran out of control and ploughed into the crowd in front of him. 

A monster truck killed two people after the accident during a motor show in the east of the Netherlands. 

Earlier, local media had quoted the town’s mayor as saying that three people had died, including two children. The authorities gave no details of who had died.

The modified pick-up with huge, oversized wheels was driving on top of a row of cars before suddenly veering off course and driving into the group of onlookers.

It was reported that another another 18 people were injured as a result. Six of them suffered from serious injuries.

In the video footage, screams could be heard as people tried to escape as soon as the truck knocked down the barriers separating the crowd from the monster trucks.

The driver of the truck has been detained and an inquiry has been opened, police said, quoted by local media.

The show's organisers, Geerlof Kanis, told local media that safety fences kept onlookers at a sufficient distance from the show. He suggested that the truck's accelerator pedal had got stuck or its brakes had failed.

Source: Mirror Online, BBC, YouTube/Marcos Mini​